Think Outside the Banner.

Our next-gen Rich Media Suite designs eye-catching, user-friendly, and impactful experiences that go a heck of a lot further than your 320x50 expectations.

Every Animated Sunrise and Expandable Experience created by our team of 3D animators and designers is as unique as the brand behind them.

Plus, with Big Happy, running rich media is a breeze! We take care of the hard work so you can enjoy the joy of connecting with your customers.

A light skin left hand holding a mobile phone with a Big Happy ad featuring a young dark skin girl and planets coming out of a laptop.


The core technology across Big Happy’s offerings.

These eye-catching, high-impact units at the bottom ‘horizon’ of your screen are designed to maximize positive user engagements.

Plus, Sunrise Units can even utilize custom data from APIs, even the local weather, to maximize the relevance and urgency of each Sunrise placement to your users.

All you need to do is send us your standard asset pack and we'll get started!

Video Player Sunrise

These unique Sunrise Units that display thumb-stopping brand video assets that pack more punch in every unit. We think you'll love 'em!


Why show them just one product? Target users with ease and display multiple products relevant to them. They’ll love sifting through your product offerings — and all their interactions occur within your ad placement.

Multitouch Sunrise

Give your users the power of choice. These units are perfect for showcasing up to 3 products with 3 separate click outs. The navigation is organically up to your customers, and you'll learn more with every tap.

Expandable Experiences

Experiment with units that expand from the Sunrise to weave brand messaging into full-screen games, galleries, and hotspots for better, deeper experiences with your brand.

Gaming Units

Engage players with snackable mobile games that weave your brand and messaging into the game for a curated consumer experience.

Shoppable Moments

Let consumers browse between your featured products. Create swipable galleries or hotspots to let shoppers learn more about all your new items.

3D Show-Off

Bring products to life with rich sensory experiences that engage audiences more immersively. These units expand to feature interactive 3D renderings of products that users can explore on every side with just the tap of a finger.

Augmented Reality

Bring the experience right to your consumer. Create enjoyable AR experiences built to scale in mobile browsers, launching directly from expandable ad units. No app needed here!


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